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How it began

From the very first day


Hyderabad based Ravi is professionally a software engineer, an adventures freak who wishes to marry a girl who can be a great partner in his crime. Like most, he too had a wish to fall in love and then get married but never serious about it as he lives life with the flow by following his heart. Yes! It happened that he has to stop the flow and make plans to meet her and know her more.


Vizag-based Priya lives single in Hyderabad due to her profession. She is very soft-spoken and enjoys outing with friends whenever possible. Her smiling eyes, friendly, cool and joyful attitude make everyone enjoy her presence. This graceful lady is particular about one thing about her man, i.e. tall personality (: P) besides, like all other women she wishes to have an understanding partner. She was always sure that she would do arrange marriage only but “Fate has different plans”.

We met

Diverse paths meet at one common path to reach the defined destiny. Yes, these two diverse souls met through common friends. It was not love at first sight, it was not 'crush', it happened slowly and gradually. Frequent meetings with common friends had made them closer.

Date night

It just happened as planned by the universe. They never got a chance to meet personally before. Finally, it was the day of chance when all friends planned for a temple visit in traditional attire. It was not casual unlike before, somewhere they thought to impress each other with elegant looks – “we still feel that it was the day where we both were looking beautiful ever since.” Stars shined on them! she was in need of drop till home, he took that chance, where he proposed, she accepted and the journey began!


Their journey is full of red roses, chocolates, and surprises, and so on. What is still waiting for? The proposal between families! Languages are the same, traditions are also the same but still, families need perfection in all aspects to please society. So, Caste and region differences were been obstacles, hurdles to make the path for marriage. They stood strong for each other and has overcome everything together and finally stepping forward to begin the beautiful love journey with the blessings from both families.


With everyone’s blessings, the auspicious time for a grand wedding is set. All that they need is perfect planning for their perfect marriage. “Akshaya events“, has searched the finest location to set the theme for their love event. We understood their tradition and ceremonies, designed everything accordingly with a vivacious theme and vibrant flowers to bring the entire venue to life with perfect backdrop music.